International Symposium 2017

 Understanding Intramembrane Proteolysis

 From Substrates to Enzymes


Topics of the International Symposium 2017:


  • Structure, Dynamics and Function of Intramembrane Proteases and their Substrates
  • Membrane-Associated Proteases in Functional Networks


Membrane-associated sheddases frequently cooperate with intramembrane proteases in substrate processing. The common functional denominator of intramembrane proteases is cleavage within the plane of the membrane, which usually results in peptide bond scission within the transmembrane helices of their substrates. The functional consequences of intramembrane proteolysis include activation of membrane-tethered transcription factors, secretion of growth factors, maturation of a bacterial translocation channel, and regulated protein degradation. The malfunction of intramembrane proteases can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal lobe degeneration, Parkinson’s disease, type-2 diabetes, glaucoma, and certain cancers. Although different families of intramembrane proteases have been discovered and despite recent progress in the determination of high-resolution structures, it is still unknown how these enzymes distinguish between substrates and non-substrates. Therefore, much effort is currently directed at determining the mechanisms of substrate recognition and cleavage.


This symposium brings together biochemistry, cell biology, biophysics, proteomics, bioinformatics, and molecular modelling and focuses on the biology and the molecular mechanism of substrate processing by different types of membrane-associated proteases.


Preliminary Program

Wednesday, October 4th:



Welcome & Introduction

Dieter Langosch & Harald Steiner

Keynote lecture

Siniša Urban (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore)


Session 1: Rhomboid Intramenbrane Proteases



Thursday, October 5th:


Session 2: Structure, Dynamics and Function of Aspartyl Intermembrane Proteases and Substrates I




Poster Presentation I



Session 3: Proteases in Functional Networks




Poster Presentation II

Friday, October 6th:


Session 4: Structure, Dynamics and Function of Aspartyl Intermembrane Proteases and Substrates II