Project P1

Defining the physiological

substrate spectrum and the cleavage site specificity of the mitochondrial rhomboid protease PARL


Prof. Marius Lemberg

Project P2

Substrate Portfolio of the Signal Peptide Peptidase-like 2 (SPPL2) family


Prof. Regina Fluhrer

Project P3

Identification and mechanistic characterization of a new class of γ-secretase substrates and non-substrates with short extracellular domains


Prof. Stefan Lichtenthaler

Project P4

Substrate Recognition and Cleavage by γ-Secretase


Prof. Harald Steiner

Project P5

The Conformational Flexibility of Transmembrane Helices in Substrate Recognition and Cleavage


Prof. Dieter Langosch

Project P6

Role of transmembrane domain interactions for g-secretase substrate recognition using the TREM2/DAP12 complex


Prof. Christian Haass

Project P7

Sequence requirements, conformational flexibility,

and functional networks of

intramembrane protease substrates

Prof. Dmitrij Frishman

Dr. Christina Scharnagl

Project P8

Investigation of Molecular Dynamics of Substrate

Transmembrane α-Helices by Solution and Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

Prof. Burkhard Luy

Prof. Daniel Huster