Prof. Stefan Lichtenthaler

Technische Universität München & DZNE München

Project P3: Identification and mechanistic characterization of a new class of γ-secretase substrates and non-substrates with short extracellular domains


γ-Secretase belongs to the family of intramembrane proteases and has a key function in health and disease. Yet, an in-depth knowledge of the factors governing substrate recognition by γ-secretase is not available.


Addressing this fundamental question is essential to unravel the mechanisms of substrate cleavage, to establish similarities and differences among different intramembrane protease families and for developing substrate-selective protease inhibitors for potential medical use.


Based on our successful work in the first funding period we propose a model for the interaction of γ-secretase with its substrates and their cleavage. Testing this model and thereby unraveling the mechanisms of substrate cleavage is the major aim of our application.


Project P9: Proteomic Platform


The proteomic platform will be an integral part of the research consortium and performs the numerous quantitative mass spectrometry measurements required for projects P1, P2, P3 and P4.

The results of the mass spec analyses will be also relevant for additional projects in the consortium, including the molecular modeling studies.


The platform has two high resolution Orbitrap mass spectrometers (Q Exactive and Q Exactive HF) plus associated equipment, including nanoLCs, and has expertise with the required methods, such as label free quantification and different isotope labelcontaining methods.


Publications (FOR 2290)

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