Prof. Regina Fluhrer

Universität Augsburg


Project P2: Substrate Portfolio of the Signal Peptide Peptidase-like 2 (SPPL2) family


Signal peptide peptidase (SPP) and the homologous SPP-like (SPPL) proteases, SPPL2a, SPPL2b, SPPL2c and SPPL3, belong to the family of GxGD proteases and thus represent one prototype of intramembrane cleaving enzymes.


In the first funding period we applied a proteome wide screen and identified a variety of new candidate substrates for SPPL2a, SPPL2b and, in addition, also for SPPL2c, a so far orphan protease. Moreover, we identified three new SPPL2a/b substrates by candidate approach and determined the C-terminal SPPL2 cleavage sites in these substrates.


We will now validate the newly identified candidate substrates and determine the precise determinants within these substrates that affect recognition by SPPL2 and processivity. Finally we will investigate the specific prerequisites for substrate recognition within the SPPL2 proteases.

Publications (FOR 2290)

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