Project P4: Substrate Recognition and Cleavage by γ-Secretase


γ-Secretase is a pivotal intramembrane protease and major Alzheimer disease (AD) drug target. Besides the AD-associated β-amyloid precursor protein (APP) substrate C99, the enzyme has about hundred other substrates. Despite successful structure determination of γ-secretase, it is still only poorly understood how its substrates are recognized and selected.


We could already identify the binding sites of C99 at the amino acid level as well as the subunits to which C99 substrate binds. In continuation we will now also determine the precise contact points of C99 at the amino acid level of the protease. Finally, we want to identify sequence determinants of γ-secretase substrates, which are important for recognition and cleavage and which allow distinguishing them from non-substrates. We expect that our continuous studies, in close collaboration with other groups of the FOR2990 network, will reveal fundamental knowledge on how intramembrane proteases recruit and cleave their substrates.

Publications (FOR 2290)

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