Project P6: Role of transmembrane domain interactions for g-secretase substrate recognition using the TREM2/DAP12 complex


This project addresses two central questions of this research unit, namely what are the critical requirements for a substrate to be cleaved within its transmembrane (TM) domain and how do TM domain interactions (i.e. dimerization) influence substrate recognition by γ-secretase and other intramembrane cleaving proteases such as members of the SPP/SPPL family.


To identify such properties, we will use the pathologically highly relevant TREM2/DAP12 interaction as a model system. Sequence variants within TREM2 dramatically increase the risk for Alzheimer's disease and related neurodegenerative disorders. TREM2 - a type-1 transmembrane innate immune receptor - is a substrate for regulated intramembrane proteolysis and forms a heteromeric complex with its signaling partner DAP12.

Publications (FOR 2290)

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