Protein Recognition and Processing

in the Membrane

2nd International Meeting 2022

of the DFG research unit FOR2290

'Understanding Intramembrane Proteolysis'

May 4-6, 2022, Munich, Germany

Preliminary Program

Wednesday, May 4th:


13:00                           Check-in & Registration


14:00                           Welcome Notes: Dieter Langosch


14:15 - 15:00               Keynote Lecture: Lucìa ChávezGutiérrez



15:00-16:00                Session 1: Physiology of Regulated Intramembrane Proteolysis I


                                    Christian Haass, Stefan Rose-John, Irit Sagi



16:00                            Coffee break



16:30-18:15                 Session 2: Physiology of Regulated Intramembrane Proteolysis II


                                     Willem Annaert, Stefan Lichtenthaler, Bernd Schröder, 6 poster lightning talks



19:00                             Dinner


20:30                             Poster Session I (uneven numbers)



Thursday, May 5th:


09:00-10:35                 Session 3: Mechanisms in Intramembrane Proteolysis I


                        Regina Fluhrer, Lisa Münter, Harald Steiner, Kvido Stříšovský, short talk (from the abstracts)



10:35                            Coffee break


11:30-13:05                 Session 4: Mechanisms in Intramembrane Proteolysis II


                                     Dieter Langosch, Claudia Muhle-Goll, Christina Scharnagl, Martin Zacharias



13:10                            Lunch


16:00                            Coffee break



16:30- 18:00                Session 5: Mechanisms in Intramembrane Proteolysis III


                                    Daniel Huster, Adam Lange, Marius Lemberg, short talks (from the abstracts)



19:00                            Dinner



20:30                           Poster Session II (even numbers)



Friday, May 6th:


9:00 – 9:45                  Keynote Lecture: Thomas Langer



9:45-10:45                  Session 6: Membrane Protein Quality Control I


                                    Sonja Neal, Sichen Shao, Alexander Stein



10:45                           Coffee break



11:30-12:35                Session 7: Membrane Protein Quality Control II


                                   Pedro Carvalho, Matthias Feige, Friedrich Förster,Matthew Freemann



12:40                           Closing Remarks: Harald Steiner & Marius Lemberg



13:00                            Lunch & Departure


Download the preliminary program (PDF)

Preliminary Program 2nd FOR2290 meeting.
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